Jun 30, 2011

The Three Eclipses – Part Three: The Cancer Solar Eclipse

The July 1st Eclipse at 9 degrees Cancer (1:55 AM PDT) forms one arm of the Cardinal Grand Cross formation, with Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn residing at the three remaining points of the cross (see chart).  These early Cardinal degrees were activated last summer during the much-discussed “Cardinal Climax” period, although upon reflection that time seems to have been a seeding of events that are now coming into full flower during this tumultuous year of 2011.  A New Moon represents a time of new beginnings within the themes of its current sign, and an eclipse magnifies those themes and casts their resonance forward for the next six months. This New Moon in Cancer puts the focus on nourishment, security, foundations, and family. 

The Grand Cross formation indicates this as a time of being at a “crossroads.” The presence of Saturn making a hard square to the eclipse seems to be saying “get real.”  It is a time in which we must make some potentially difficult choices.  This may sound none too pleasant, but there is a freedom available to us when we finally just do the thing we have been putting off and dreading because it’s “too hard.” When we take on difficult tasks, we are able to release the things that have been weighing on us.

Our sense of security (Sun and Moon in Cancer) is also challenged under this eclipse by a square from Uranus in Aries and an opposition from Pluto in Capricorn.  Uranus’ transit through Aries began auspiciously under the Japan Earthquake and tsunami in March; since then, things have not slowed down on the natural disaster front. The Cancer Eclipse is especially significant for the United States (see chart), as the Sun and Moon land right amidst the U.S. natal Sun-Jupiter-Venus conjunction, while squaring the U.S. natal Saturn (currently undergoing a Saturn Return).  Money and security are front and center right now as we approach the deadline for raising the debt ceiling. I enjoyed Barack Obama’s rather testy attitude toward congress in his press conference yesterday about the approaching deadline; he sounded like a stern father scolding his children.  He was the embodiment of Saturn energy, and perhaps that is exactly the medicine needed right now or our economy may be facing the hard consequences when the U.S. Saturn return reaches its last exact peak in late August.

The chart for this eclipse does not immediately give an overall warm and fuzzy feeling. However, we must remember that the sign of the Eclipse is Cancer, the Moon’s sign, so the lunar influence is extremely strong. The Moon links us to security, home, emotional connections, and family. Emotions will be running high during the time of this eclipse as well as during the two weeks afterwards.  For the collective, family issues are at the forefront.  A positive use of this eclipse period is to reconnect with your true family, whether they be your actual blood family or those you feel to be kin.  Remembering the emotional connections that sustain us can help to ease the tensions of this time.

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