Jun 30, 2011

The Three Eclipses – Part Three: The Cancer Solar Eclipse

The July 1st Eclipse at 9 degrees Cancer (1:55 AM PDT) forms one arm of the Cardinal Grand Cross formation, with Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn residing at the three remaining points of the cross (see chart).  These early Cardinal degrees were activated last summer during the much-discussed “Cardinal Climax” period, although upon reflection that time seems to have been a seeding of events that are now coming into full flower during this tumultuous year of 2011.  A New Moon represents a time of new beginnings within the themes of its current sign, and an eclipse magnifies those themes and casts their resonance forward for the next six months. This New Moon in Cancer puts the focus on nourishment, security, foundations, and family. 

The Grand Cross formation indicates this as a time of being at a “crossroads.” The presence of Saturn making a hard square to the eclipse seems to be saying “get real.”  It is a time in which we must make some potentially difficult choices.  This may sound none too pleasant, but there is a freedom available to us when we finally just do the thing we have been putting off and dreading because it’s “too hard.” When we take on difficult tasks, we are able to release the things that have been weighing on us.

Our sense of security (Sun and Moon in Cancer) is also challenged under this eclipse by a square from Uranus in Aries and an opposition from Pluto in Capricorn.  Uranus’ transit through Aries began auspiciously under the Japan Earthquake and tsunami in March; since then, things have not slowed down on the natural disaster front. The Cancer Eclipse is especially significant for the United States (see chart), as the Sun and Moon land right amidst the U.S. natal Sun-Jupiter-Venus conjunction, while squaring the U.S. natal Saturn (currently undergoing a Saturn Return).  Money and security are front and center right now as we approach the deadline for raising the debt ceiling. I enjoyed Barack Obama’s rather testy attitude toward congress in his press conference yesterday about the approaching deadline; he sounded like a stern father scolding his children.  He was the embodiment of Saturn energy, and perhaps that is exactly the medicine needed right now or our economy may be facing the hard consequences when the U.S. Saturn return reaches its last exact peak in late August.

The chart for this eclipse does not immediately give an overall warm and fuzzy feeling. However, we must remember that the sign of the Eclipse is Cancer, the Moon’s sign, so the lunar influence is extremely strong. The Moon links us to security, home, emotional connections, and family. Emotions will be running high during the time of this eclipse as well as during the two weeks afterwards.  For the collective, family issues are at the forefront.  A positive use of this eclipse period is to reconnect with your true family, whether they be your actual blood family or those you feel to be kin.  Remembering the emotional connections that sustain us can help to ease the tensions of this time.

Jun 15, 2011

The Three Eclipses – Part 2: The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

The series of three eclipses began with the June 1st Solar Eclipse in Gemini.  The energy of any eclipse is most profound in the days building up to then two weeks following the eclipse, but also may impact the six month period from one eclipse to the next corresponding one.  A full moon/lunar eclipse shines light on what has been in shadow, and this coming Wednesday’s lunar eclipse in Sagittarius shines light on the shadow aspects of that sign. So what Sagittarian things might now be coming to light?  The shadow expression of Sagittarius can show up as an over-developed sense of one’s “rightness,” or in only seeing the big picture while glossing over inconvenient (but important) details. We can fall into one of these common  traps when we forget to pay attention to facts and information. We can paint a picture of reality that fits with what we may want to be the Truth, but is actually only our own spin on a situation.

So, what should we be paying attention to, and where can we get helpful information during this period? The chart for the eclipse features several aspects from Mercury, ruler of Gemini.  Mercury is conjunct the Sun, opposed the Moon, and is moving toward a trine to Neptune.  Mercury is the messenger god, moving swiftly to carry information.  With his trine to Neptune, information may be coming to us via unorthodox means, such as our dreams and flashes of intuition.  Pay attention to odd coincidences and synchronicities, particularly if a particular message seems to be showing up for you multiple times. Look for patterns and listen to what message Mercury might be trying to carry to your ears. In my own life, I’ve had the work of a particular author recommended to me three separate times by three different sources over the past week, for example.  I took action on this message by ordering her books from the library. It is important for us to honor Mercury by taking action on the messages we receive.  If we ignore these messages, discount them, or don’t take action on them because we are “too busy,” we lose the opportunity to participate in the co-creation of our lives.

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius (and traditional ruler of Pisces), has recently entered Taurus (June 4th,) and makes two harmonious aspects at this eclipse: a trine toPluto  which will be ongoing through early 2012, and a sextile to Neptune, co-ruler of Pisces.  The light side of Jupiter/Sagittarius energy to embrace is hope, faith, and optimism. When we choose optimism, we become open to the adventure and mystery of Life.  The message of the opposition between Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius at this eclipse period is to balance the two signs within our lives: pay attention to what you are being shown, then use that information to make a Sagittarian leap forward in some area.  Life is as mundane or as magical as we decide to make it – it is all a matter of perception.

Jun 2, 2011

The Jupiter-Pluto Trine in Earth: 2011-2012

Jupiter enters Taurus, cooling his heels after a year-long trek through Aries on June 4th. Jupiter and Pluto will then be trine each other for about a nine month period from June 2011 through March of 2012 (with three exact trines: July, October, and March). Jolly, optimistic Jupiter meets brooding, intense Pluto…hmmm. At first glance, these two don’t seem too compatible. However, they are meeting by the trine, a harmonious aspect. The trine aspect also generally means that those planets will be in the same element. Jupiter is in matter-of-fact Taurus, and Pluto is in let’s-get-real Capricorn. So what happens when these two planets meet by a trine in earth?

Taurus is about our connection to the physical world, our bodies, and what we value on the material level. Jupiter in Taurus can help us to reconnect to the positive aspects of our physicality. What is good about life within these bodies? With Pluto trining Jupiter, we may also be confronted with where we have been neglecting our health, and perhaps healing is found in the simplicity of Taurus medicine – relaxation, good food, rest, and quiet.

Pluto also connects us to the cycle of endings and beginnings: in order for something new to be born, the old must die. Pluto has been traveling through Capricorn since 2008, and we have certainly seen the literal endings of governments and the crumbling decay of the world economy. But while Pluto connects with Jupiter, we might at least for this time more easily be able to see the advantage in letting go of the old, and become optimistic toward the birth of the new.

For the collective, a Jupiter-Pluto aspect will embolden both these planets’ energies on the world stage. We recently saw the results of the last contact between the two planets when they formed a square, exact on February 25th (and within orb for a couple weeks either side of that point.) February of this year was marked by an increase in the momentum of the Arab Spring, the uprisings in Libya, and the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. The Jupiter-Pluto square was most notably also still in orb at the time of the Honshu, Japan earthquake on March 11th. However, Jupiter was in fiery Aries, making a stressful aspect – a square – to Pluto. The upcoming trine between the two planets does not in itself carry the same signature of unrest, catastrophe and upheaval.

But even with a trine, there is always a shadow possibility – that each planet brings forward the dysfunctional behavior of the other. The dark side of Jupiter in Taurus is a rigid adherence to dogma, an over-attachment to wealth, and gluttonous tendencies. Pluto in Capricorn’s shadow, which we’ve had the opportunity to become acquainted with over the course of the past three years, is coldness, cruelty, and power-mongering. But ultimately, Jupiter and Pluto now coming together for an extended trine offers the gifts of healing and regeneration after a rough period. It is up to us to remain aware of both the opportunities and the dark possibilities, and to act consciously. Ultimately, it is a time to count our blessings, reconnect to the earth and its creatures, and remember where our “true source of nourishment lies.”*

*From the passage for the rune “Fehu,” The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum.